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Eco-Dash introduces a custom dashboard with a new and unique way of looking at fuel efficiency. Most fuel efficiency calculators teach drivers how to get a short-term gain in MPG. They display a spike in MPG when you let off the gas pedal or coast down a hill. Eco-Dash encourages drivers to take a short-term loss in fuel efficiency to gain greater average MPG. Our vehicle image at the top of the home (dashboard) screen teaches the user how to obtain maximum MPG over the course of the trip.

Fuel is expensive. Our “Reports” screen allows the driver to know the exact cost of each trip relative to the distance traveled. A reminder of this is given to the driver on the dashboard. As the user drives, they will see the cost of the trip increasing. When fuel efficiency is in mind, that total cost for the overall trip is lower. This is ideal for users who commute to work using the same roads every day.

Graphs and charts too boring to read? Take a look at the "Map" screen. Once a trip is completed, a user may quickly pan/zoom around on Google's MapView for incidences of "Poor Driving Events". These events occur whenever the driver exceeds certain limitations such as speed or RPM. These markers are pinpointed on the map to help the user look for trends in effort to change driving behavior.


9 months ago

This looks like a game changer!

9 months ago

Very cool

9 months ago

Very attractive, useful app! I like the voice enabled features, the display of how much money each drive cost, and the map pinpointing segments of the drive where fuel economy could have improved with a change in driving habits. This type of feedback is useful for people who want tox spend less on high gas prices and also better for the environment. Hopefully, it will also motivate people to walk and bike more when running local errands.

9 months ago

Awesome looking app- I think it would help bring back some of the fun to driving.

9 months ago

Fantastic app. How can I get this for my cars? I do a lot of driving and this would come in very handy. I would buy it NOW.

8 months ago

I commute thirty miles to school every weekday and I don't really keep track of gas expense like I should. It would be nice to use an app like this get better grasp on what my driving habits are costing me.

8 months ago

Pretty cool video; awesome editting effort.

The voice command seems kinda cool. This app looks like it could challenge the user to try to spend less on gas on subsequent drives. A problem I see is that the price of gas is variable, so it's not representative of how well the driver is actually doing in terms of fuel efficiency or how the app helps the user gain long term MPG. How is the gas price retrieved?

And the weather ... there's already apps to get the weather so not sure how it contributes to the fuel efficiency thing.

8 months ago

Tootsy, Thanks for your comment!
The gas price is entered by the user at the time of filling up.

There were still several things I wanted to do with the app, but simply ran out of time. Ultimately I'd like the app to get the gas price for you based on your location. There are services that find that info for you. Also, I wanted to incorporate fuel saving tips based on the weather...for example if its a hot/cold day, that could affect your tire pressure so it might suggest adding a pound of pressure to your tires. Unfortunately I was the only one coding, and when you code by yourself, it can take a really long time to complete features.

6 months ago

woohoo! we won!

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